Water Divination

Water Scrying Chant:

If possible perform this at night alone. Fill a large non-metallic vessel with water (if you wish add a few drops of blue food coloring) and place it in your magical place. Charge a blue candle between your hands, visualizing your psychic awareness unfolding, growing and expanding. Place a candle in a holder, light it, and move it close enough to the water that its flame is reflected in the water. Gaze at the candle's reflection, relax, diffuse your mind, and say, "Sparkle, Shimmer, Mind grows dimmer The Second Sight's Brought to light" over and over until it takes effect.

Cauldron Divination :

Fill your cauldron half full with water. Place it on a table where you can see into it comfortably when seated. Light 2 purple candles and a good divinatory incense. Make sure the candlelight doesn't shine on the water or in your eyes. Focus on the bottom of the cauldron while holding your hands gently on each side. Breathe gently on the water and say, "Cauldron revel to me that which I seek. Great Mother open my inner eye so that I may truly see." Then empty your mind. Stay relaxed and look deeply into the cauldron. The answers may come in images in the water, in your mind, or in strong bursts of knowing. Best during waxing Moon.